YIYIBYUS Cordless Blower Handheld Small Leaf Blower Air Workshop Blow Dust Collector Grass Lawn Sweeper Battery Powered

YIYIBYUS Cordless Blower Handheld Small Leaf Blower Air Workshop Blow Dust Collector Grass Lawn Sweeper Battery Powered

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    Are You Still Using a Wired Leaf Blower and You Have to Buy an Extended Strip? Does Your Blower Just Finish Half of the Yard and the Battery Is Already Dead? Then Our Product Is Made for You! This Leaf Blower Is Wireless and Has a Battery of 20v/12800mah. You Can Have Your Yard Cleaned Quickly Without Moving Your Sockets or Recharging Batteries.

Key Feature:

Ergonomic Handle: the Handle of the Leaf Blower Is Ergonomically Designed . It Lifts Fatigue Effectively.

Environmentally Friendly: the Leaf Blower Do Not Consume Oil or Natural Gas . nor Does It Emit Any Harmful Gases. This Product Doesn't Damage the Environment and Costs less.

Brushless Motor: the Motor of This Blower Is Powerful and Intelligent . It Provides Strong Power and Realizes Step-less Speed Regulation.


Dust Bag: This Leaf Blower Can Also Be Used As a Dust Vacuum . You Can Install the Dust Bag on This Machine and Clean Your House or Yard Easily.

Adjustable Wind Speed: the Wind Speed of This Machine Can Be Controlled by How Hard You Press the Bottom on the Handle. If You Push Slightly . the Wind Is Weak . If You Push It Hard . the Wind Is Strong.

Protective Fence: the Fence over the Ventilator of This Blower Prevents Big Sundries from Coming into the Machine. the Blower Can Work for a Longer Time.

Multiple Heat Dissipation Holes: the Leaf Blower Has Multiple Heat Dissipation Holes . They Make the Blower More Steady and Improve Its Work Performance.

Snap Installation: the Wind Tube of This Blower Is Fixed by Snaps of Both the Tube and the Machine. It Is Convenient for You to Change the Tube and Decide How to Use This Blower.


This Leaf Blower and Vacuum Can Be Used for Cleaning the Yard . Construction Dust . the Filter of the Air Conditioner . Pet's Furs . and Ashes in the Corner. It Can Be Used for Homes and Industries.


Net Weight: 1.68kg/3.7lbs

Product Size: 52x18cm/20.47x7.08in

Blower Type: Cordless Blower

Battery: 20v/12800mah

No-load Speed: 21000r/Min

Air Flow: 1.6~3.5m³/Min

Voltage: 110v 60hz

Color: Red and Black

Power Supply: Lithium-ion Battery


1. You Should Put the Battery on the Blower.

2. Install the Hose on the Blower.

3. Press the Bottom on the Handle and Start to Work.

Package Included:

1 X Cordless Blower

1 X 12800mah Li-ion Battery

1 X Air Hose

1 X Dust Bag

1 X Power Adapter


1. Please Allow a 1-3cm Error Due to Manual Measurement.

2. This Leaf Blower Can't Be Used for Vacuuming Leaves!

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