Outdoor Walk Behind Sweeping Broom, 1.7HP 43CC Powerful Device with 2-Stroke Petrol Engine for Clean Flat Surfaces,Air-Cooled System

Outdoor Walk Behind Sweeping Broom, 1.7HP 43CC Powerful Device with 2-Stroke Petrol Engine for Clean Flat Surfaces,Air-Cooled System

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The traditional way of sweeping the floor with a broom is time-consuming . labor-intensive . and prone to backache at the end of the process. Advancement in technology has brought about labor-saving and professional sweeping equipment which is ready to liberate you from the hassle of manual sweeping. This walk handheld sweeper with a powerful fuel engine sweeps more efficiently than a manual sweeper . saving valuable time and making sweeping a pleasure.

Key Features

Professional Cleaning Ability: Thanks to the robust dense nylon brush head that doesn't shed and doesn't damage floors easily . the sweeper not only removes dirt and leaves effortlessly . but also reliably clears snow and grit from driveways and sidewalks in winter.

High-quality Material: The aluminum frame is lightweight . rustproof . corrosion-resistant . and drop-resistant. PP engine shell is high temperature resistant and shockproof to provide better protection for internal parts.

Great Power: With its two-stroke fuel engine . this sweeper has a powerful horsepower(1.25 kw / 1.7 hp) which allows it to clean large areas quickly and efficiently to save more valuable time and make sweeping an enjoyable experience.

Large Cleaning Area: This large brush head of 8.7*8.7*10.6inch allows you to clean large areas over the same period compared to a normal broom.

Large Capacity Fuel Tank: The large fuel tank . which holds 0.26 gallons of fuel . provides great convenience for extended use without frequent refueling.

Easy to Operate: The one-touch off button and manual starter (pull 1-5 times) make it simple to use . so even novices can master it quickly.

Good Heat Dissipation: The heat dissipation holes on the engine can effectively dissipate heat to ensure stable operation . reduce noise . and prolong the service life of the machine.

Adjustable Speed: The engine direct link dump block clutch drive (gearbox reduction ratio: about 46:1) can be used to regulate the speed (6500-8500rpm) by controlling the throttle so that you can select different speeds for different scenarios to achieve a higher cleaning efficiency.

Easy to Manoeuvre: Front directional positioning wheel makes this machine easier to balance and select direction . making it more convenient and effortless to use. And the wheel bar can move along the pole of the frame by loosening/tightening screws on the connection to accommodate users of different heights.


Ergonomic Armrests: The ergonomic curved armrests with non-slip groove sleeves are comfortable to hold and make your hand less likely to slip . allowing you to operate the sweeper better.

Anti-skid Wheels: The two rubber anti-skid wheels are hard-wearing and shock-absorbing . bringing long-lasting . smooth movement. The metal hubs give the wheels more load bearing capacity and durability.

Height-adjustable Handle: The height of the frame armrests can be adjusted (22.6-47inch) by turning the handle to accommodate users of different heights.

Damper Slider: The damper sliders on the engine ensure your engine running performance by closing the dampers upward before a cool start and opening them downward after a start.

Air Filter: It has a good impurity filtration effect . which greatly reduces power loss and prolongs the life of the engine.

Exhaust Hole: A small exhaust hole on the side of the motor helps reduce noise . protects hearing and creates a comfortable working environment.


It is ideal for grooming lawns on farms . streets . parks . or homes. It can also be used to clean dirt . leaves . snow . and debris from different surfaces such as tile . marble . concrete . rubberized tracks . and oiled roads.

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