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Intex - Dura-Beam Plus Series Hi-Rise Airbed With IP, Queen

Intex - Dura-Beam Plus Series Hi-Rise Airbed With IP, Queen

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Provide your guests with a cozy Comfort-Plush Elevated Airbed during their next visit. Engineered with the Dura-Beam™ Technology . which is comprised of thousands of high-strength polyester fibers . resulting in amazing durability for years of lasting comfort . the Comfort-Plush Series provides enhanced comfort . stability . and support. This ultra-lightweight bed adjusts to your personal firmness preference for an incredible night's sleep. For added convenience the powerful internal pump easily inflates and deflates the airbed within 5 minutes. Weight capacity is 600 pounds. WARNING: Never place an infant 15 months and young to sleep on an inflatable mattress. When used by children over 15 months old provide at least a shoulder width space between other objects to avoid entrapment.

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